Bitcoin Family Cryptocurrency Course

And all that is included

Starting today with the crypto course will teach you:

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  • what Crypto coins are
  • what the Blockchain is
  • why it will change our monetary system
  • how to set up an account
  • how to buy your firsy crypto coins
  • how to transfer between wallets
  • how to redeem crypto back into Euro or USD
  • the skills of day trading
  • placing buy and sell orders
  • working with stop losses
  • setting up automatic sell orders
  • paying with crypto in daily life
  • how to keep your crypto safe

Blockchain and crypto will change this world. Join us and be prepared!

The Bitcoin family travels around the world and lives a decentral lifestyle solely owning cryptocurrency. All belongings have been sold and converted into Bitcoin. Their income is fully generated from educating, speaking, trading, hodling, advising people about Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. You can sign up today for a complete starters course. Didi will take you by the hand and teach you through easily understandable videos on how to start in the crypto world. From the first step of opening an account to the secrets of day trading.

You will learn the basics about blockchain and bitcoin and will be able to buy bitcoin, open a trading account, place trades, set automatic buy and sell orders, reduce risks with stop loss orders and much more. Learn more from others and chat with like-minded people in the telegram group.

Blockchain is the next step in our monetary evolution and you can become an early adaptor. Benefit from the Bitcoinfamily’s knowledge and experience. Start fullfilling your dreams.

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